Reviving Yesteryears: Skirting Boards in Period Property Makeovers

Embarking on a period property renovation is much like opening a cherished book from a bygone era. Every wall, every floorboard whispers tales from the past. And as any seasoned renovator will tell you, details matter. One such detail? The often-overlooked yet historically significant deep skirting board. As we journey through time, let’s uncover the pivotal role these architectural trims play in resurrecting the charm of period homes.

1. Historical Accuracy:
Period properties stand as testimonies to architectural trends of their times. Victorian homes, for instance, often boasted deep, intricately carved skirting boards, reflecting the era’s love for detailed craftsmanship. Reinstalling or restoring such boards maintains the property’s historical integrity, ensuring that the renovation stays true to its roots.

2. Concealing Imperfections:
Let’s be real; time does leave its mark. Older properties can often have uneven floors or gaps at the base of walls. A deep skirting board gracefully masks these imperfections, providing a smooth transition between walls and floors.

3. Protection with Panache:
Historical homes often feature delicate wallpapers or plasterwork. Skirting boards act as a protective barrier, ensuring that furniture or foot traffic doesn’t damage these valuable surfaces. And they do so while adding a touch of elegance!

4. Adding Depth and Dimension:
In vast period rooms with high ceilings, a deep skirting board can create a sense of balance. It draws the eye downward, grounding the space and adding a layer of depth and dimension.

5. A Canvas for Color:
While purists might opt for traditional shades, the skirting board can also be a canvas for creativity. A splash of color contrasting with the walls can infuse a contemporary touch amidst historical surroundings.

6. Respecting Traditions:
For many renovators, preserving the soul of a period property is paramount. Skirting boards, with their designs and dimensions, are markers of an epoch. Retaining or replicating them pays homage to the artisans of yore and the traditions they upheld.

7. Upgrading with Insulation:
While we’re all for nostalgia, modern-day comforts are essential. Some renovators cleverly use the skirting board cavity to add insulation or hide modern amenities, marrying old-world charm with today’s conveniences.